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Research Associates

Gnana K. Bharathy, in the capacities of project manager, modeler and analyst, has been leading a research team of associates to build large scale social systems models to study conflict in four countries. Previously, during the course of his dissertation work in Systems Engineering at ACASA, Gnana has developed a systems methodology for integrating social system frameworks and modeling human behavior through knowledge engineering based process, and has employed the same to create several models of leaders and followers in situations involving conflict-cooperation. His dissertation was awarded the INCOSE-Stevens award for promising research in systems engineering and integration. Gnana also received the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Process Center's Ackoff award (2005) for carrying out research on Human Decision Processes.

Gnana's formal academic training has been in the areas of Engineering (process/ environmental, and information systems), Risk Analysis, and Systems Science. Gnana also has several years of industry experience.


Nathan Weyer is a video game industry veteran working as a research programmer in Dr. Silvermans's lab. His primary responsibility is the continued planning and development of the NonKin Village project and it's offshoots. He received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from University of Pittsburgh. He is a strong development generalist focused on gluing all the pieces together. His hobbies center around video games.


Jason Lubken is a Sr. Software Architect and Game Developer at the University of Pennsylvania Electrical & Systems Engineering ACASA lab. He is responsible for data modeling and software design while converting core ACASA databases from a legacy Oracle system to PostgreSQL and SQLite. Prior to joining the ACASA lab, Jason worked as an Agile Project Manager, Business Analyst and Technical Lead at the University of Pennsylvania medical and business schools. He was responsible for the build, migration and deployment of Wharton Executive Educations finance and registration systems as well as for the production of persuasive games used in clinical research. Before moving to Philadelphia, he worked for Dish Network where he applied emerging object and object-relational database technologies to improve their satellite ground control and other operations systems. Jason is interested in persuasive games, knowledge modeling and artificial intelligence.

Tim Herrmann Tim Herrmann is a recent Electrical Engineering Master's graduate from UPenn and continues his work at the University with the ACASA lab. His background is diverse, covering a B.S. double major in Mechanical Engineering and Computer & Systems Engineering at RPI with a minor in Video Game Development in addition to his EE Masters, balanced by a healthy amount of creative, introspective hobbies including dance, music, game development, crafts, and theatre. He harbors a fascination for cognitive processes and enjoys thinking about thinking and learning about learning.