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Dissemination & Decision Support Systems

The thrust of this line of research lies in the dissemination of knowledge proactively so as to help decision makers with Just In Time information as they go about their daily routines. How can they get just what they need, just when they need it? The adaptive networks group worries about how to deliver knowledge in the form and to the location decisionmakers are at, subject to willingness to pay constraints. This research group worries more about the ability of agents to recognize contextualities, to support the decisionmakers' needs, to determine just what should be disseminated, and to focus the decisionmaker's attention via approapriate alerts and reminders. Here we worry about how decision support agents can address users' unstated intentions, subtleties of judgement processes, and preferences and desires. Of primary interest is the notion of human-to-human collaboration and the proper role for (potentially private) mediation and support from software agents. Some example projects are listed below and in the faculty bio sketches: