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Researchers and Industry Join Forces to
Examine Complex Intractable Problems

ACASA is dedicated to education, research and service to industry, government and education, using systems sciences and systems thinking and global knowledge and competency resources.

Under the auspices of ACASA faculty from Engineering, Wharton, Medicine and other schools at the University of Pennsylvania work on multi-disciplinary research topics. "The intention is for ACASA to develop innovative ideas in systems approaches that will enable the Center to evolve into a world class institution with contributions to solving intractable problems, wherever they exist," says Eduardo Glandt, Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. ACASA will extend its offerings beyond the walls of Penn through the application of information technology and the Internet and plans a competency bank of knowledge for all Systems Thinking-related academic activities, research and practices that are scattered around the world.

The corporate membership program will allow for close liaison with leading edge companies for industry-sponsored research and short-term Fellows from industry to work on intellectually challenging projects with standing faculty and students. Further, ACASA will provide opportunities for student internships to further enhance the educational mission of the University.

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