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The Center conducts both theoretical and applied research designed to increase various sponsors' understanding of the four types of systems (mechanistic, animate, social and ecological) and to contribute to General Systems Theory and engineering solutions. A-CASA fosters collaborations between faculty from engineering and those in the behavioral sciences for research at the frontiers of the mathematics of chaos and non-linear dynamics, emergent behavior simulation, decision modeling and informatics for complex mechanical, biological, social and ecological systems. The present day mathematics of complexity have made initial in-roads into modeling and improving behaviors for these four types of systems. Advancing both the science and the practice is possible by forming multi-disciplinary teams interested in system behavior modeling and interventions, creating applications and capturing lessons learned.

ACASA takes advantage of the wide range of experts available on the University’s campus, at other institutions as well as visiting senior fellows. It maintains collaborative relations with a large number of research groups in the United States and abroad.