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Synthesizing and Extending Best-of-Breed Human Behavior Models:

This research thrust is central to the core of what ACASA is all about -- operating as a collaboratory across scientific fields. Specifically, this research thrust focuses on challenges to improving the realism of socially intelligent agents and attempts to reflect the state of the art in human behavior modeling with particular attention to the impact of personality/cultural values and affect as well as biology/stress upon individual coping and group decision-making. We have postulated a unifying architecture and principles for integrating existing best-of-breed theories and performance moderator function (PMF) models from across social science disciplines. We also offer a PMF testbed called PMFserv created for implementating and studying how PMFs may contribute to such an architecture. To date it interconnects versions of 100s of PMFs on physiology and stress (e.g., Janis-Mann, others); personality, cultural and emotive processes (e.g., Damasio, Cognitive Appraisal-OCC, value systems); perception (e.g., Gibsonian affordance); social processes (e.g., relations, identity, trust, nested intentionality); and cognition (eg, affect- and stress-augmented decision theory, bounded rationality). We have tested this framework by simulating specific humans and their unscripted micro-decisions, and plotted the macro-baehviors that emerge when these agents interat. We have documented many case studies (asymmetric warfare, civil unrest, and political leaders) and have a number of papers with lessons learned.

Barry Silverman Human Behavior Modeling Research